Waterside first development in Sarasota tagged as part of the master-development of the Lucknow Range. Originally envisioned as a village in Lockwood Ranch South, the community parkway is easily accessible via the university from the north via Lorraine Road on 3,500 acres. Its site extends south of the Lake Club and the Sarasota Polo Club and provides an excellent template for the sale of newly built Sarasota homes.

Lockwood Range developer Schroeder Monetary Ranch (SMR) entered Waterside in 2016 and set up more than 5,000 residential units in 12 neighbourhoods. The community life in this development is woven around seven lakes and the town centre Waterside Place.

Considered a community collapse, the centre is located on the north shore of Lake Kingfisher, the largest of the 250-acre property. The eight-acre peninsula for the property's waterside park is located on this mile-long lake.

At Realtors Waterside at Lakewood Ranch, community residents can enjoy great shopping and the dining experience as well as more cultural activities. The Players' Center for the Performing Arts, Sarasota's oldest arts institution, moves from campus to its own centre and brings over 400 theatre shows each year. In addition to providing space for open-air public meetings, the nearby waterside park is designed to accommodate boat docks, dog parks, waterfront restaurants and the farmer's market.