Lakewood Ranch has become a good city on its own, and it is still growing! The first neighbourhood of the ‘ranch’ in Sarasota County is the watershed, which is large. We had our first sale in the area earlier this year and we're so excited about the upcoming LWR Waterside waterfront restaurants and water taxi to get there?!? Yes, please !!! About Waterside at Lakewood RanchStreet Activities you like, restaurants, shops and events are going to bring you closer to Sarasota residents and the area is generally an attraction for those who live in Lakewood Ranch. Sarasota Own Sarasota Main Street!

The seven lakes eventually turn into 12 different neighbourhoods. If it is not diverse enough, the finished neighbourhood offers all kinds of amenities: apartments, townhouses, condo, single-family homes. The Lake Front Center Center is a large community centre that includes dining, shopping, activities and events for residents. More below. ;-)

The heart of the community is its 36-acre community district Waterside at Lakewood Ranch Place. Shopping, restaurants, community activities and performing arts make this centre not only a place for waterside residents to enjoy, but Sarasota / Bradenton is a mecca for all. The Players' Center for the Performing Arts is moving from its 80s Sarasota to the spectacular 400 Theater, which gives 400 performances a year. While the list of businesses and restaurants is still growing, here are some things that have already been signed in:

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