One thing that has been on everyone’s mind lately when it comes to real estate is this: Are we going into another housing crisis? Will conditions in the real estate market start to change by 2020? Okay, I do not have the Crystal Ball, but I have an update on everything happening in real estate in FL at Lakewood Ranch, today I want to share with you!

Trends in the real estate market The Lakewood Ranch area looks amazing. The market in Florida has been healthy and fast for the past few years. In this area, I never see a slowdown. Hence:

Demand for this speciality has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals across the country. Millennials now make up the majority of the buying market, and they are struggling to keep up with luxury home prices. Lakewood Ranch Development is considering their new plans to build 5 new villages by 2020, some of which could meet this particular new housing demand.

We recently attended a seminar for real estate at Lakewood Ranch and learned about these upcoming projects, so today we will share them with you!

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