Houses in Lakewood Ranch Sapphire, which will open in the spring of 2020, plans to open the network by the end of 2020. Selected single-family housing schemes outside the plot include gourmet-roofed kitchens and comfortable floor plans. Homebuyers can customize their sapphire point options with convenient, convenient alternatives and better home remodelling. Beyond Sapphire, residents will appreciate the space near Main Street, with its own focus between the Lakewood Range and the vibrant shops and cafes, making casual occasions, performances and celebrations a common occurrence. The area is close to the future county library and aquatics focus. The Sapphire Clubhouse in Lakewood Ranch offers hotel-style pool, neighbourhood reunion, a network of the fire pit, ball, pick-up ball courts and playgrounds.

Sapphire is one of the newest communities coming to the Lakewood Ranch. When completed, there will be 472 homes at Luxury houses Sapphire Point. The sapphire of I-75 outside State Road 70 has plenty of gated access and facilities. The sapphire point maker has created this community with families in mind. Price points budget provides a friendly heart and a cosy and serene atmosphere in everyday life. Club activities include a clubhouse, resort-style pool, state-of-the-art fitness centre, fire pit, playground and basketball court.

The houses have open floor plans and protect the lake and views. With our interactive map search, you can search for new and best selling in Sarasota, Manatic County area. It allows you to zoom in or out and visually search the area you want to search. Gated entry and family-friendly cardio facilities include a clubhouse, resort-style pool, state of the art fitness centre, fire pit and sapphire playground, basketball court, I-75, and the  Luxury houses Sapphire Point Lockwood Ranch east of State Road 70. The new 1- and 2-story construction homes offer outdoor floor plans and designer features - making everyday life and entertainment effortless so you can relax, enjoy what you like and spend more time.