The Lakewood Ranch Eating Expedition Continues: Zaxby's Chicken

Zaxby's Chicken just opened up right around the corner from Lakewood Ranch.

So, you might be noticing a familiar theme. I am basically on an eating exploration in Lakewood Ranch. No restaurant will go unnoticed--hey, I love to eat, what can I say?

Every day it seems that a new place pops up. At first glance, Zaxby's looks like another chicken sandwich place. Truth be is! Of course, that does not mean it is exempt from my whirlwind tour to visit every restaurant in or around Lakewood Ranch. Zaxby's can be described as a fast food place, but they do bring the food out to your table. In this sense, it acts somewhat like a hybrid sit-down restaurant...but not quite.

After perusing the menu for a couple of focused moments, it was readily apparent that Zaxby's spent some time marketing the various sauces they have available. In fact, the sauce is "front and center" on the overhead menu. For me, that has a lot of appeal because I love sauce, particularly sauces with a hot streak. Apparently, Zaxby's has a penchant for hot sauces too, especially with Nuclear and Insane on the menu. Never one to shy away from any hot sauce, I tried the "Nuclear" option. The sauce had some real heat, but not anything that I couldn't handle. It was zesty with sufficient kick--a perfect accompaniment for fries or a sandwich. On my next trip "Insane" will definitely be on the agenda. Of course, for those wanting a more meager sauce--"wimpy" is available...yes, wimpy. 

So, how about that chicken sandwich? Honestly, in the price range that it competes, I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised. The chicken was basically hanging off both sides of the bun, and it was juicy and plump. As with many chicken sandwiches, there was a slightly (but not obnoxious) salty finish. The sauce provided a terrific finishing touch. The fries were good too (I normally get a salad--but I was feeling dangerous today), but the chicken stole the show. Would I go again? Absolutely....but "Insane" is certainly in my future. Till next time Lakewood Ranch!

Zaxby's Chicken
6591 E State Road 64
Bradenton, Florida 34203

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