Why is Waterside Lakewood Ranch's Gem

As  a real estate agent I deal with a lot of clients from out of state. Most of them have done some research or have heard from family and friends about Lakewood Ranch. After doing so much business in Lakewood Ranch, I can probably sing all the different communities, builders, what they offer, and so on. Each and every community will have its own beauty, however, what I have run across is that more and more folks are getting intrigued by waterside. As some of you may know, Waterside currently consists of two major communities, Shoreview by Pulte, and Lakehouse cove by several different custom builders. It was recently announced that a new community will be opening at Waterside, Alcove by Neal Signature Homes.
Waterside is not popular only because of the great amenity rich communities it has to offer, but more so because of its New Town Center, Waterside Place. Waterside Place has been one of the focal points for Lakewood Ranch. Almost every day there is a scheduled event, whether it’s at the town center or the event lawn. Waterside Place town center already has a few tenants in place and it’s quickly approaching a higher number every day. 
Its amazing communities along with the town center place, there is no doubt why so many people are looking to make their way to Waterside. When people come to Florida they are coming for the Florida lifestyle, and Waterside most certainly can fulfill many boxes when it comes to resprt-style luxury living.
If you, or anyone you know has an interest about Waterside, feel free to reach out. 

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