Waterside Place - Ranch Wednesdays

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Besides living in the beautiful communities in Waterside has to offer, there are also plenty of entertainment to consider. The new Waterside Place is the home of Ranch Wednesdays and Sunday Farmer’s Market. 

Food Truck Ally at Waterside Place on Ranch Wednesday

Ranch Wednesday is already a very popular event among the crowd of Lakewood Ranch and surrounding areas. It gathers families for the unique event it has. It includes many local food trucks where there is almost something for everyone attending. Rather the crowd is looking for a full meal or just a sweet delight, the food truck vendors have you covered. They also have several different bars located throughout the event, and not to mention the night market where folks can find the perfect gifts for family and friends for the holidays. Since we are around the Holiday Season, Waterside Place is completely decorated with in the holiday spirit, and for the little ones there is Santa Clause on sight for picture taking. 

The homes located near Waterside Place like Shoreview and Lakehouse Cove, can easily walk and/or bike to this event. 

The Christmas Tree at Waterside Place

The Sunday Farmer’s Market offers locals to purchase locally grown produce, as well as many other unique foods from local vendors. The Farmer’s Market is a great event for the entire family as it also has crafts and games for kids. 

With all these new additions to Lakewood Ranch, there is no doubt Waterside is the place to be. Shoreview or Lakehouse Cove, Lakewood Ranch offer many different communities for families to be in close proximity to everything Lakewood Ranch has to offer. 

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