Taylor Ranch Development

Taylor Ranch Extension of Lakewood Ranch Coming Soon

Taylor Ranch, the next new phase of Lakewood Ranch (located on the east side of Bourneside Boulevard and south of State Road 64), promises to bring more than 4500 new homes to the area. Comprised of nearly 2300 total acres, the preliminary discussion is to have a density of 1.95 homes per acre. 20 acres will be allocated for a new school and  a 10-foot wide multi-use trail will be constructed along the west side of Bourneside Boulevard. This multi-use trail will become part of become part of Manatee County’s Greenways Master Trail Plan. 

This new expansion of Lakewood Ranch has not come without any turbulence. Many homeowners in this area are more than concerned about the development. They argue that the whole reason they moved out east was to get away from the hustle and bustle. A popular catch phrase--"keep the country country"--has been a rallying call for those in opposition of these growth initiatives. Proponents of the development argue that you have to plan for growth before growth does the planning for you. 

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