Mothers and Real Estate

As I first dove into the real estate world I had a general idea of what it involved, but as I got deeper into the business I found out that there is something new to learn each and every single day. Personally, I was always eager to work, even as a teenager I had 2 part time jobs. After becoming a mother, I decided as part of the family plan to stay home for sometime and raise my children. Fast forward several years, I was super fervid to get back into the working force. I had few choices: go back to my profession (old career), turn my hobby (photography) into a business, or do something new. Guess which way I took? After I was done washing dishes and making wishes, I chose something NEW! So here I am, mother of 3 in the Real Estate business. 
Let me tell you, there are a vast number of mothers in real estate. Some chose this path as a part-time, work when you can gig, and that works well for some families. Mothers make great real estate agents… and I can tell you why. The ability to care for a client is something needed in the nature of real estate. Mothers care, mothers nurture, mothers are patient. I take every opportunity to connect with my clients all while providing professional expertise. Carrying out a transaction also requires empathy through such big milestone in people's lives. By nature, we are taught to multitask. With raising children, we program to deal with several things happening at once. And it can get chaotic. Sometimes it takes juggling to get tasks done, but mothers are used to the busy schedules and high demands. Mothers are easily adaptable to any changing situation, which is a major point in the real estate world as anything can change at any given moment. 
I chose real estate because it fits me and even though it can get hectic at times, I always find a way of balancing my business with my family life. For me it works and I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings.

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