Location Matters. Is Calusa National Too Far East?

Location Matters. Is Calusa National Too Far East?

Not exactly. Well, not at all. Here's why. 

Calusa National Lakewood Ranch will be located off SR 70 and Bournside Road. Lakewood National, also a Lennar built community, is located just west of Calusa National on SR 70 and Uihlein Road. I remember when Lakewood National broke ground. One of the objections I had to answer is that prospective homebuyers thought the location was just too far away from the action--that is, shops, restaurants, and things to do. After all, other bundled golf course communities were close to the action--Esplanade Lakewood Ranch was in a centralized location and River Strand Golf & Country Club, which is actually in Bradenton, was right near I75. Convenience with these communities were a key selling point. Differently, Lakewood National was really not close to anything--leaving the community meant taking a longer drive.

So what happened? 

Well, Lorraine Road and SR 70 happened (just west of Lakewood National). Sure, you had a Fred Astaire studio, a pizza place, and a BBQ place--but you had very limited options--a pizza with anchovies (yes, I love anchovies, don't judge) can only take you so far. Three communities out east--including Lakewood National, Del Webb Lakewood Ranch, and Polo Run--needed some supporting commercial infrastructure.

Once Publix, a large grocery store chain in Lakewood Ranch, decided to build then everything changed. In the last 5 years we have seen a bunch of commercial enterprises start up-- Wawa, Slim Chickens, McDonalds, Great Clips, Salad Works...to name just a few. From Calusa National Lakewood Ranch, you would hang a right on SR70 and in 5 to 7 minutes you are right in thick of things. Looking into the future, we are only going to see more commercial enterprise stretch out east as more communities pop up. 

The idea here is simple--if you build it, they will come...and with another 1000 plus homes on the way, commercial enterprise is just around the corner.

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