Lakewood Ranch: Disney is Closer Than You Think

So, we all know that Lakewood Ranch is close to the beaches. The John Ringling Causeway, a bridge that extends past the Sarasota Bay to St. Armand's Circle and over to Lido Key, is one of the most photographed locations in the area. Depending on where you are in Lakewood Ranch, you are probably looking at about 30 minutes to Lido Key.

Interestingly, some people I talk to were surprised to know that Orlando and the amusement parks were only about 2 1/2 hours away. For families taking their kids or grandparents making a run up to Disneyland for the weekend, this time-frame is a fairly manageable jaunt. Of course, I-4 can have its share of slowdowns with traffic from time to time, but in the broader view it is not a terribly arduous journey. I was never personally enthralled with Orlando, but I always liked the accessibility and knowing it was within striking distance if I wanted to get up there for a quick weekend.

And that's just what we did this past Friday. The family hopped in the car and we headed up. Since most of the communities in Lakewood Ranch are within close proximity to I-75, we were able to quickly get on the road. At the same time, leaving was also easy (but not nearly enjoyable for my son....haha).

Of course, it's even easier to hit Tampa airport. In about an hour, you can be strolling through the terminal on your way to the departure gate. I guess the point I am trying to make is that Lakewood Ranch is a tremendously convenient location. With time, it will only improve as new shops and restaurants spring up to service the influx of residents.

Long live Lakewood's certainly here to stay!

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