Lakewood National: What to Expect for Fall 2017

Lakewood National, the area's newest bundled golf course community, has meandered through its first season, with the first homes just closing this past April. Sales velocity in all of the major product lines--terraces, verandas, coaches, and single family homes--has been brisk. Golfers agree that the course is a fabulous addition to the area. About the only complaint that we have heard is that the cafe is not open yet, and thirsty golfers want a place to "chill" after a long day on the course.

So what can we expect as fall rounds the corner for 2017? By that time, the models should be open for the condos--the terraces, verandas, and coaches--which should further bolster sales. Right now, many prospective buyers have visualized what the condos for sale in Lakewood National might look like by touring condos in River Strand. While some of the features for the condos at Lakewood National are upgraded, the footprint of the condos are the same, save some minor variances. 

At the same time, homes for sale in Lakewood National stand to gain the most attention. The higher price point, relative to similarly situated homes for sale in River Strand, will require some more justification from buyers. Builder models will help paint that picture. Simply touring homes in River Strand will not necessarily convey what homes will look like in Lakewood National. The front elevations will be nicer in Lakewood National, and some additional features, including outdoor kitchens, are also available.

Once the models for the homes and condos for sale in Lakewood National are finished, and the marketing machine that is Lennar advertises their presence, I expect to see a bigger surge in sales at Lakewood National. Given the success of River Strand, and the booming success of Esplanade right down the road, Lakewood National promises more of the same, but with its own unique twist. Excited to see what the fall will bring!

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