Is Lakewood Ranch the new Beverly Hills?

Season is upon us! No, not the Holidays. What I mean is that we live in Florida and everyone comes here. Ok, maybe not everyone...but our population does triple. Seriously. If you weren't already coming for the palm trees or the more favorable tax environment, COVID probably accelerated your moving plans to Florida.

Over the last year, a tremendous number of purchasers decided to flee from the tight quarters of city living for wider spaces. With a vaccine in tow, we all hope that life goes back to "normal", but some things simply will not revert back to the way they were. While I do believe that the bigger cities will recover, they will be different...decentralized living areas have gained some much steam that the train is now taking us to new ways of living...and new destinations. What can I say? I love where I live.

Lakewood Ranch real estate is booming, and for good reason. Certain prime locations in Florida, including Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch, are becoming a safe harbor for living your best life now. California was a part of that dream, but high taxes are driving long term businesses and residents away. How do I know? I have my finger on our real estate pulse and I see who is coming to town on a daily basis. There is a new playground--a new Beverly Hills in the making--and its right here in Lakewood Ranch Florida. Want to learn more? Well, it begins with the first conversation. Just know, we go at your speed, not ours. When the time is right for you to consider a move, the time is right. We are just excited to share why we call Lakewood Ranch home.

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