How to Protect Yourself from a Home Burglary

Even though a burglary occurs every 20 seconds in the U.S., you can still protect yourself - here are 4 ways to do that:
1. Most burglaries happen during the day so watch your neighbors home in the daytime. Burglars like to break into homes during daytime hours - between 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. There is a good chance people will be away at work or school, at this time. The last thing criminals want is to encounter someone at home. Don't leave your home unlocked just because it's daytime.
2. Don't post to Social Media when you are away from home. Locating someone's home address using basic information from their social media profile is surprisingly easy. In one survey, of convicted burglars, more than 10 percent say they used social media to determine who was out of town. So while it's tempting to post about your vacation to your social media feed, wait to share those trip photos when you're back home.
3. Use the security measures that are in your home. Burglars are looking for easy targets, so basic security measures are pretty important. Unlocked windows, unused deadbolts, poorly lit homes, and residences without security systems are prime targets for burglars, so make sure you are using the security features you already have.
4. Your Landscaping Choices Can be a Burglar's Best Friend. Thieves are searching for crimes of opportunity, and tall landscaping gives them a place to hide while  searching for a way into your home. Sometimes the best defense is shrubs that are trimmed lower than windows and a clear view of your front porch.

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