The Warmth of a Sun Setting! Coach Homes in River Strand - CLOSED!

6406 Grand Estuary Trail, #103: Coach Homes in River Strand: SOLD!

How cool is it that my recent clients, Nancy and Roberto Mendizabal, shared this photo of the sun setting in River Strand at their coach home? The first thing Roberto said to me was, "Robert, you missed the boat on the marketing--did you see how the sun sets at this location?" When he showed me this picture, I understood he was right.

The warm afterglow of the sun setting in the back of his home, a view that they have a perfect vantage point from on their lanai, was terrific. He actually took a couple of pictures--and one with the sun setting just above the horizon--but this is the picture that says it all because the warmth of the sun is hovering just beneath the surface and lights up the converging nighttime sky. So cool. Thanks for sharing...and THANK YOU Steve and Lynn Bucknam for introducing me to Roberto and Nancy. Great couple.

This was one of the last new coach homes for sale in River Strand to close...but the chapter doesn't end here...rather, it begins. River Strand is a terrific community located in an unbeatable location with a fabulous golf course and amenities. There is something for everyone...even a sunset!

coach homes for sale in River Strand

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