Calusa National Golf Club: Will It Have an Executive Golf Course?

Well, that remains to be seen...BUT, it's not to early to speculate!

So the RUMOR is that there will be an 18 hole golf course and a 12 hole executive golf course at Calusa National Golf Club. I say RUMOR because it is exactly that--Lennar has not published any official details--this is all through the grapevine, so to speak. That being said, wouldn't that be a great idea?

Think about it. You have three bundled golf course communities already in Lakewood Ranch. And really, you might as well throw in River Strand--it is not in Lakewood Ranch, but it's right next door. If we were to add up the number of holes of golf in these communities, you would be looking at 99 holes of golf--and that in not including non-bundled golf course options. If golf owners in these communities are looking to wind down--that is, they want to satisfy their golf appetite but don't want to spend 5 hours out on the golf course anymore--an executive golf course is the answer. 

Where does the phrase "executive golf course" come from, anyway? It is actually from corporate America. Because of busy schedules, executives don't necessarily always have as much time to spend on the golf course. As a result, golf course architects designed shorter golf courses that made it more manageable to finish from a time perspective. Golf over lunch all of a sudden became a possibility. 

At the same time, let's say some of these golf course owners in River Strand, Esplanade Lakewood Ranch, Lakewood National, and Azario at Lakewood Ranch simply are winding down and just want to play a shorter game of golf but still want to quench their palatte and play the links? An executive course would be the perfect fit...and Calusa National Golf Club in Lakewood Ranch might be the answer! That potentially means more listings in these other golf courses and more purchases in Calusa National. 

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