Calusa National Golf Club: How Does it Compare to Other Bundled Golf Communities in Lakewood Ranch?

So will Calusa National Golf Club compare to the other bundled golf course communities in Lakewood Ranch, namely Lakewood National, Esplanade Lakewood Ranch, and Esplanade at Azario? We have already shared that it appears that Calusa National Golf Club will have an 18 hole championship golf course and a 12 hole executive course. Let's start with Lakewood National, which is adjacent to this new community. 

Lakewood National is the largest bundled golf course community in Lakewood Ranch and sports 36 holes of championship golf. One of the preliminary thoughts--at least to me--is that Calusa National Golf Club could cause homeowners to divest from, say, Lakewood National and buy something new. There is also a good chance Lennar will offer many of the same floorplans, so the transition could be relatively easy. To this point, I have received several calls for Calusa National Lakewood Ranch that are homeowners in these other communities and are considering exactly what I am sharing now. It remains to be seen if, however, Calusa National will attract tours like Korn Ferry, which Lakewood National has been hosting for the last several years.

Differently, Esplanade Lakewood Ranch and Esplanade at Azario, both Taylor Morrison communities, each have 18 hole championship golf courses. One principal difference between Esplanade Lakewood Ranch and Esplanade at Azario is that the former community offers condos while the latter offers more villas. There are villas in Esplanade Lakewood Ranch, but not nearly the number being offered by in Azario. Another difference is that Lakewood National only offers golf deeded homes while these other communities have an assortment of social membership only properties in addition to golf deeded homes. 

What is next remains to be seen. One thing is certain though--Lennar knows how to build and attract golfers. Their concept has proved to work in a number of communities across the state of Florida, and I expect more of the same in this fabulous new golf neighborhood. 

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