Best Home Fixes to Sell Your Home Fast

Kitchen and Bath  The old adage “kitchens and baths sell homes” was never truer.   And here are a few fixes that would definitely pay off.  Countertops make a huge impact and cost about a quarter of an entire kitchen remodel.  So replacing worn or dated countertops, especially old Formica, can really make a huge impact.  I suggest replacing these countertops with a reasonably priced granite or quartz – for baths too.  Adding a kitchen backsplash adds some interest to an otherwise plain kitchen.  And remove most plants and decorative items off the top of kitchen countertops and cabinets. Leave only a few updated items that will complement, not detract, from the overall look of the kitchen.

Walls  Freshly painted walls and baseboards are an inexpensive fix for a tired looking home.  Keep the color neutral like a light beige or grey or even a new ‘greige’ which is a combination of both beige and grey would work.  Also remove any wallpaper borders and replace any dirty, cracked or painted electrical wall plates.

Fixtures and Hardware  Changing out old lighting fixtures and fans and old hardware like door knobs, handles on doors and closets, entrances door handles, and cabinet hardware can really make an impact.  These items can be purchased through a big box store and shouldn’t break the bank.

And the number one “Fix” is free!!  It’s called cleaning and the importance can’t be underrated.  Bathrooms and kitchens must sparkle and shine.  Baseboards should be cleaned along with tile grout.  Windows should be washed and even the exterior of the home should be power washed. Generally anything that looks dirty should be cleaned.So these are great home selling ideas for anyone on a budget.

These simple and inexpensive fixes that just might help a seller sell quicker. And the best part is that the seller might get a great return for a small investment.

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